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ECOINSPECT is the first Romanian inspection and certification body for organic farming, established in 2002 (Fiscal code RO14695862).

For the period between 2004 – 2008, Ecoinspect has signed a contract with SECO – the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of the Swiss Confederation. Within this project, SECO has allocated 265.000 Euro to support organic agriculture in Romania. This grant was given to Ecoinspect, associations and institutions.

Within the project, Ecoinspect has got technical support and know-how from Bio.inspecta AG, FIBL – Switzerland, Biokontroll – Hungary

Ecoinspect has started its activity in 2004, based on the RENAR accreditation until 2007, in accordance to SR EN 45011, has got the code of identification RO – ECO- 008 from the Romanian Agricultural Ministry.

Beginning with 2007, the company has started the re-accreditation procedure with IOAS (International Organic Accreditation service) from USA and in 2008, Ecoinspect has got the IOAS Accreditation Certificate. This certificate was valid in the period between 2008 – 2012, extended to March 2013.

Since 2012, according to the legal requirements for accreditation, Ecoinspect has signed the contract for accreditation with RENAR – the Romanian National Accreditation Body. The accreditation procedure was finalized at the 30.04.2013 and the accreditation certificate no. OIC-PE-007 was issued.   

Ecoinspect is offering certification services for the following product groups:

-                      Seeds and seedlings

-           Unprocessed plant products

-           Livestock and unprocessed livestock products

-           Aquaculture products

-           Agricultural processed products to be used as foodstuffs

-           Agricultural processed products to be used as feedstuffs


Standards and legal requirement:


             SR EN ISO /CEI 17020 / 2012

             SR EN ISO /CEI 17065 / 2013

             EC Regulation no. 834 / 2007

             EC Regulation no. 889 / 2008

             EC Regulation no.1235/ 2008

             EC Regulation no. 271/ 2010

             EC Application Rules no. 2345 / 2015

             Governmental Ordinance no. 181 /2012

             Governmental Ordinance no. 1253 /2013

             Governmental Ordinance no. 1438 /2013

Ecoinspect is offering inspection services based on the following private standards:


             Bio.suisse   - with certification by Bio.inspecta AG - Switzerland

             USDA NOP -  with certification by Bio.inspecta AG - Switzerland

             Naturland -  with certification by Naturland Germania


The financial stability of the company is assured by the registered capital of the company and certification taxes paid by the registered operators.


The main aim and objective of the company is to guaranty that controlled operators / products are respecting the national and European legal requirement in force. The certification process is transparent, independent, credible and reliable for the consumer.


Ecoinspect guaranties free access to its services to all applicants, unconditional and without taking into account the size of the unit, membership or affiliation to associations or group of interests. All certification decision ensures fairness and equal treatment for all operators.

Ecoinspect ensures that operators can have the highest confidence in organic products – as can organic farmers in Ecoinspect.



General manager :


Dipl. Eng. Elena-Georgeta Paşcan  





Inspectia certificarea produselor agroalimentare ecologice

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